EUREKA tries to keep bureaucracy as limited as possible. To become a EUREKA project though a formal application is necessary.

A project consortium planning to bring a project proposal to the EUREKA status has to fill in an electronic project application form. The download is available on the central EUREKA website. The application language is English.

For each project one application form is to be filled in stating the essential idea and information on the project envisaged, the market aspects, the project partners and their contribution. The application form will be passed in by the project coordinator (“main partner”) to his national project coordinator at the national EUREKA office.

The content of the application form will be registered in the central project database in Brussels. After the proposal has become a EUREKA project the general information (as stated in the form) will be publicly available unless partners ask for confidentiality.

The project consortium may also use the application form for searching further project partners.

Please be aware that the application for the EUREKA status is not equivalent with the application for funding. Please contact your national EUREKA office for further information.

Project proposals will be registered continuously. The EUREKA label though will be granted at the official meetings of the EUREKA High Level Representatives. They meet four times a year. EUREKA applications should be passed in sufficient time before a meeting.

For EUREKA Cluster projects please contact the respective Cluster office for the procedure. Some Clusters use a particular application procedure and run calls. For subsidies with Cluster projects please check for the respective national contact with the Cluster website / Cluster office. [more on Clusters]