InvestHorizon Eureka

EUREKA and its Eurostars Programme are offering to SMEs, the opportunity to participate in the Investment readiness Programme (IRP) at EUREKA. SMEs will get access to corporate networks and learn more about successful applications for funding and venture capital, to improve their overall competitiveness. The IRP at EUREKA is a Business Accelerator within the Investhorizon Programme, supported jointly by EUREKA and the European Commission.


You may also wish to contact the German EUREKA Office for further questions regarding EUREKA
(, +49 228 3821 1358).


Outside this call:
Basically you can apply for a EUREKA project at any time. This page aims to provide you information on all calls for projects launched in the framework of EUREKA. By participating in these calls, innovation agencies across Europe offer you their support in bringing new technological solutions to the market place.