EUREKA - A pan-European network for market-oriented, industrial R&D

EUREKA is a European research initiative with the goal of motivating cross-border co-operation between industry and research institutions in the area of technological research and development. The initiative aims at concentrating the existing potential of specialists, know-how, research facilities, and financial resources in Europe in order to make more efficient use of all these elements. In this way, EUREKA contributes to the competitiveness of European industry on the world marketplace.

EUREKA is a long-established public network, present in over 40 countries. Full members: all countries of the European Union, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Israel, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Republic of North Macedonia, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the European Commission. Partner country: the Republic of Korea. Associated countries: Canada, Singapore and South Africa.

For further contact information, please visit the website of the EUREKA Secretariat Brussels.